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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the website

The following Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about the way we use your personal data, in compliance with the Data Protection Act and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GPA).

Contact details of the controller and the data protection officer
The person responsible for processing for the purposes of the GBER, other data protection legislation within the EU Member States and other data protection regulations is:

The sole proprietorship societe anonyme with the name “ATTICA ANIMAL HOSPITAL SOLE SHAREHOLDER SA”, based in Peania, at the 20th km. Ave. Lavriou and is legally represented, with TIN 998300969, DOY FAE Athens, e-mail address, telephone line of the online store, 210-6640552.You can contact the data protection officer at the e-mail address:

Purposes of the processing and the legal principles governing the way in which your personal data is processed
We collect, process and use your personal data for the following purposes:

Concluding and executing contracts
Providing newsletters, promotions of ourselves or our partners
Conducting surveys
Marketing activities such as gift drawing
Customer service and support
Provision of radio and television services, e.g. to process orders for the goods and services we offer online
We collect, process and use your personal data for the following purposes:

Article 6 (1) (a) of the GBER serves as the legal basis for the processing activities for which we obtain your consent for a specific processing purpose.
Article 6 (1) (b) of the GCP stipulates that personal data may be processed for the performance of a contract, e.g. when purchasing a product. This element applies to any processing activity that is necessary to carry out activities during the pre-contractual stage, such as conducting an investigation into products or services.
Article 6 (1) (c) of the GBER applies in cases where we are bound by a statutory obligation which requires the processing of personal data, for example for compliance with tax obligations.
Article 6 (1) (d) of the GBER stipulates that personal data may be processed in order to safeguard your vital interests or those of another natural person.
Article 6 (1) (f) of the GBER applies to our legitimate interests, for example when we hire service providers (eg delivery services), when we carry out statistical surveys and analyzes or when we record efforts connection.
Duration of storage and routine deletion of personal data

We process and store your personal data only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are stored or for as long as we are required to do so in accordance with law or regulation. Once the purpose ceases to exist or is fulfilled, your personal data will be deleted or restricted. In the event that the data is restricted, it will be deleted as soon as the retention period required by law, statute or contract ceases to prevent such deletion, as long as there is no reason to believe that the deletion jeopardizes your legitimate interests. , provided that such deletion does not require a particularly disproportionate effort due to the specific nature of the storage.

Providing information about our products and services, special offers and other messages such as newsletters
We use your data to send the information you request about our products, services and other special offers to the email address you provide to us. This will only be done with your prior consent or if permitted by law. Consent to the above benefit is governed by Article 6 (1) (a) and Article 7 of the GIP.

1. Subscribe to newsletters, promotions and surveys on our site

You can subscribe to our newsletter, promotions and surveys at no charge to our site. When you sign up for the newsletter, promotions and surveys, the data of the data entry form will be sent to us, ie at least your e-mail address or your mobile phone number.

The registration is done using a “dual consent” procedure, through which you will receive an email during the registration, which will ask you to confirm your registration. This confirmation is necessary in order to prevent anyone from registering e-mail addresses that do not belong to him. Your consent will be obtained for the processing of data during the registration process and this Privacy Policy refers to it.

2. Providing information on the sale of products and services

If you purchase products or services from our site, we may send you information about other similar products and services to the email address you provide even without your consent.

3. Postal deliveries

We may also use your data to send you updates about our products, services and special offers by mail.

You can unsubscribe to stop receiving such emails, ie to withdraw your consent for the future. For this action a corresponding unsubscribe link is provided in each email and newsletter. You can also contact us to revoke your consent at any time:

– via e-mail:

– by mail: ATTICA ANIMAL HOSPITAL ONLY. SA, Peania, Attica, 20th km Leof. Lavriou

Unable to unsubscribe from certain information messages necessary for the execution and operation of our website, including service-related emails (e.g., registration confirmations, customer service information) or information related to purchases (eg order confirmations, contract documents, payment processing). You will receive these notifications in the contact details you provide.

Processing of personal data during the communication, registration and submission of visitor orders

1. Communication
When you contact us by email or contact form, the information you provide will be stored by us under Article 6 (1) (a) of the GCC in order to answer your questions.

2. Registration
On our site we give you the opportunity to register by providing personal data. This data is entered into a data entry form and sent to and stored by us. Registration is for the performance of a contract or the performance of activities at the pre-contractual stage and is therefore based on Article 6 (1) (b) of the GIP.

For the conclusion and execution of the contracts, we request contact details depending on the specific case, for example name, delivery address, invoicing address, e-mail address and information about the payment method you choose. We also use your data to retain our customer data, where only relevant data is stored. To avoid typographical errors and to ensure that the products you order are actually delivered to you, we check that your address is complete and correct when you enter it.

3. Visitor orders

You have the opportunity to place orders as a guest. If you choose this way of ordering, you do not need to register before placing your order. Please note that you will need to re-enter your data when submitting any future orders.

We collect, process and use the data you provide to us for visitor orders for the purpose of performing the contract in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the GIP. We collect, process and use the data you provide to us for visitor orders for the purpose of performing the contract in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the GIP. The data that we are obliged to store in accordance with legal obligations, statutes or contractual requirements regarding data retention, will be limited instead of deleted so as to prevent their use for other purposes.

4. Miscellaneous

Pursuant to Article 6 (1) (c) and (f) of the GCC, we use and store your personal data and technical information if necessary in order to prevent or investigate misuse or other illegal behavior within our website, e.g. χ. in order to maintain data security in the event of attacks on our information technology systems. In addition, we may take such action on the basis of orders from public authorities or courts, to the extent that we are required to do so by law, and also in order to safeguard our rights and interests and to be able to defend ourselves.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

We only transmit your data to entities established within the European Economic Area that are subject to EU data protection legislation. Data transfer to third countries does not take place or is not foreseen.

We transmit data to third parties in the following cases for the execution of the contract, in which cases the third parties are themselves responsible for the use of such data:

Regarding the shipment of goods, the data is transmitted to logistics companies or to the postal service provider specified in the order.

Regarding the payment of the ordered goods, the data are transmitted to the executor of the payment or to a financial bank specified in the order. In the event that a credit card is used as a method of payment, a security check will be performed based on the transaction with the help of the payment processor, in order to prevent credit card fraud.

In the event that a credit card is used as a method of payment, a security check will be performed based on the transaction with the help of the payment processor, in order to prevent credit card fraud. This information is sent exclusively and directly to the person processing the payment. If a credit card is used as a method of payment, the exception is the “Fake Card Number”. So that you do not have to re-enter your credit card information for each payment, a fake card number is stored in your customer account. This fake card number simply facilitates the payment of the products and services of our website that you order through your customer account and is not identical to your credit card number.

Transfer to other third parties in accordance with Article 6 (1) (c) and (f) of the GIP

Finally, we may transmit your data to third parties or government agencies under applicable data protection law if we are legally required to do so (eg by order of a public authority or court) or if we have the right to do so (e.g. x. because it is necessary for the investigation of criminal activity or for the claim and exercise of our rights and interests).

Your rights

Of course, you have rights regarding the collection of your data, about which we are happy to inform you later. If you wish to exercise any of the following rights free of charge, all you have to do is send us a message. You can use the following contact details without incurring any additional costs incurred by your communications provider in sending the message:

– via e-mail:

– by mail: ATTICA ANIMAL HOSPITAL ONLY. SA, Peania, Attica, 20th km Leof. Lavriou

For your safety, we reserve the right to receive any further information necessary to confirm your identity when responding to an existing request. In the event that identification is not possible, we also reserve the right to refuse to respond to your request.

1. Right to information

You have the right to request information from us about your personal data stored with us.

2. Right of correction

You have the right to request the immediate correction and / or completion of your personal data stored with us.

3. Right to restrict processing

You have the right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal data in case you dispute the accuracy of your data stored with us, in case the processing is illegal and in case the data is no longer necessary to us, but you do not want the delete the data and claim the data for the establishment, exercise or support of legal rights, or in case you have notified your objection to the processing.

4. Right of deletion

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data stored by us, unless the retention of data is necessary for freedom of expression, freedom of information, compliance with a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest, for the establishment of legal claims or defense against them or for the exercise of legal rights.

5. Right to information

If you have exercised your right to correct, delete or limit the processing, we will notify all recipients of your personal data that such data has been corrected, deleted or is no longer subject to processing restrictions, unless otherwise stated. it is possible to do so or this update requires a disproportionate effort.

6. Right to data portability

You have the right to receive a copy of the data you have provided to us, which will be sent to you or to a third party in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. If you request that the data be sent immediately to another data controller, this will only be done if it is technically possible.

7. Right of objection

In the event that your personal data is processed on the basis of a legitimate interest in accordance with Article 6 (1) (f) of the GBER, you have the right to object to the processing at any time in accordance with Article 21 of the GBER.

8. Right to withdraw consent

You have the right to revoke your consent to the collection of data at any time, which revocation will be valid for the future. The data collected until the revocation takes legal effect are not affected by it. We hope you understand that processing your revocation may take some time for technical reasons and that you may continue to receive messages from us in the meantime.

9. Right to file a complaint to a regulatory authority

If the processing of your personal data violates your data protection laws or if your data protection rights have been violated in any other way, you can file a complaint with the IFRS Regulatory Authority.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

In order to ensure that our Privacy Policy is always in accordance with applicable legal requirements, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. The same applies to cases where the Privacy Policy needs to be modified in order to adapt to new or modified products or services.

We use cookies on our site.

With this note we provide you with more information on how we use “cookies” as well as other automated means in order to collect specific information about the visitors of our websites, such as the number of visitors to our websites as well as our most visited websites. , via any browser and device used. By gathering this information, we learn how to better tailor our websites and our advertising to visitors.

Cookies and other Automated Media for the Collection of Cookies Data

Cookies are small text files that are stored on each of your devices using any browser, whenever you visit a website. We can use cookies to inform us for example, if you have visited our website in the past or if you are a new visitor as well as to help us identify features of our website, which you may be more interested in. Cookies can enhance your online experience by storing your preferences as you visit a specific website.

IP addresses and URLs
An IP address is a unique identifier used by certain electronic devices to locate and communicate with each other over the Internet. When you visit our websites, we can see the IP address of the device you used to connect to the Internet. We use this information in order to determine the general geographical location of the device and to understand from which geographical areas the visitors of our website come. We may use this information to change the way our website is presented in order to improve your visit.

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique locator or address for each media on the web and is essentially the address of the website you are visiting. We will use this information to see which websites have traffic as well as the way you navigate our website.

Which Cookies do we use?
On our websites we use the following cookies:

Absolutely necessary cookies
The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, they allow you to browse and use its functions, such as access to safe areas, registration forms, favorites list, use of the shopping cart and for security reasons. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, we can not offer effective operation of our website.

Performance and analysis cookies
These cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, which pages they visit most often, and whether they receive error messages from web pages. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website and allow us to collect information about the use you make of our websites, including the content you select when you browse our websites, in order to measure the effectiveness and interaction of consumers with website as well as improve our pages over time. These cookies may be provided to us by third party providers of analytical tools but are used only for the purposes related to our websites.

Targeting / advertising cookies
These cookies are used to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted advertising / bids, limit ad impressions, or measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign. These cookies can be used to remember the websites you have visited to determine which online marketing channels are most effective and allow us to reward external websites and affiliates who have referred you to us.

How can you Disable the Use of Cookies?

In case you wish to enable or disable the use of cookies from the settings of your browser, depending on your browser visit the following websites, to be informed about the necessary relevant actions.

Internet Explorer





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